The cause of the fan-coil unit we drop

by:Edison      2020-08-28

fan coil hvac thermostat system general engineering field are connected to the coil pipe section has valve, filter and hose special-shaped pipe fittings, insulation is not easy to dense, often disassembly and maintenance, it is easy to cause condensation water dripping, engineering practice, can be used for local line slope backwater to the coil on one side of the way of prevention and remedy. Condensed water discharging more performance for fan coil condensate water pans to spill water, in the process of air conditioning system using local force is too large or failure of steam-water, easy to cause slope change or local water, easy to cause condensate water, the need to strictly control the pipe slope degree when installation, and control and other pipeline dredge drains road reasonable spacing. May not be too close, in case of unexpected stress deformation. And check the installation of steam-water good protection to prevent the deformation and fall off. In the process of construction, some people think that as long as the water from condensed water pipe network apogee, low to the water, however, can only be out of the water is not enough, also should guarantee the in and out of the water amount. Or local water problems, fan coil air conditioning these places also easy to stockpile impurities and bacterium moss, easy blocking line for a long time. This kind of problem must strengthen the construction management, it is hard to find and deal with after the condensed water pipe insulation.

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