The central air conditioning intelligent LCD thermostat manufacturers

by:Edison      2020-08-25

product description:

central air conditioner hvac thermostat, apply to the central air-conditioning fan coil series or the wind pipe series of indoor temperature control, through the indoor temperature and set temperature, at the end of the fan coil units, air conditioning system of electric valve or electric air valve opening and closing of control, to adjust indoor temperature, comfort and energy-saving purpose. Is applicable to both air conditioning control, four control air conditioning water system or air duct system. Temperature controller is widely used in hotels, hotel, office building, meeting room temperature control, is the end of the central air conditioning equipment necessary. The use of it will make your life more comfortable, convenient, and can have the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption.

how it works:

microprocessor by collecting precise NTC sensor signal is compared with the temperature of the set, according to the set works gives control signal, control of electric valve and three fan, automatically adjust the volume of changes in temperature, achieve the goal of maintain indoor temperature. Structure adopts fission structure, host appearance for type 86 appearance, to match the power supply box and control output

function characteristics:

1. Indoor temperature setting

2. Temperature calibration function

3. Indoor temperature setting and display

4. Cold/warm mode switch

5. Manual or automatic fan three-speed switch

6. Power off memory function

7. Room thermometer function

8. Key lock function

9. Blue backlight function

10. Infrared remote control function

11. Low temperature protection function

12. Fan motor valve out of sync, Stop valve fan constantly

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