The central air conditioning LCD thermostat switch parameters

by:Edison      2020-09-01

the central air conditioning LCD thermostat switch parameter

product name: liquid crystal temperature fan switch

models: YK - PG- 7 a

a backlight: blue or no backlighting

style: touch, key paragraph

color: YaBai keys, buttons champagne

material: flame retardant PC

rated current: AC220V

rated current: 2 a

temperature range: 15 ℃ - 35 ℃

temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃

temperature bearing: 0 ℃ - 68 ℃

wiring requirements: wire

the central air conditioning LCD thermostat unexpected safety, intelligent life more understand you need

the hvac thermostat high quality engineering plastic, prevent fire fire hoops, ten layer security protection design, leave no dead Angle. With the function of timing, afraid of cold, in the middle of the night can be set, provide security and stability of services, connection is behind the simple instructions.

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