The central air conditioning temperature control switch work process analysis

by:Edison      2020-09-04

the central air conditioning temperature control switch work process analysis

1, according to the air conditioning and use requirements, select the operation mode of air conditioning, such as refrigeration, heating and dehumidification or ventilation, etc. As long as according to the operation mode selection button on the air conditioner.

2, set temperature, adjust the temperature value of temperature regulator. General refrigeration runtime, set temperature range in the 20-30 ℃. Heating is run, set temperature range in the 14th - 27 ℃, the set value refers to the return air conditioner temperature or room temperature.

3, in the completion of the above operation, open air conditioner, air conditioner can according to the selected operation mode to normal operation.

4, boot after the operation, can according to need by adjusting the air flow switch to adjust air conditioner refrigeration ( Hot) The amount. General air conditioner refrigeration ( Hot) Adjusting the amount of both by changing the air volume can achieve the goal of regulation ( The variable-frequency air conditioner is adjusting the compressor speed) 。 Cold window air-conditioner general Settings has strong and weak cold or strong and the weak thermal knob, the knob is due to strong cold ( Hot) Or weak cold ( Hot) , the actual adjustment for air volume in either high or low air volume.

5, the working condition of refrigeration, for example, air conditioner turned on after the operation, may appear the following two conditions: one is the air conditioner compressor stop frequently, and the indoor temperature drop down; Second, the indoor temperature is too low, and air conditioner compressor does not stop running. This may be the temperature setting of the temperature regulator is not correct, Too high or too low) 。 Should properly adjust temperature setting, make indoor temperature reach the required value, as to avoid the frequent of air conditioner compressor stop or room temperature deviation is too large.

6, the air conditioner in any downtime due to whatever reason ( If suddenly without electricity, human downtime, etc. ) , due to the general air conditioner has the length of time delay ( Delay time about 3 minutes) Although, then this type of air conditioner after downtime can boot immediately, but need to work after 3 minutes. But for no time delay of air conditioner, downtime can't immediately after boot, be sure to after about 3 minutes, to open the air conditioner again, starting current is too large, otherwise may cause burning fuse, or even burn down compressor motor consequences.

7, air conditioner should not frequent switch. Don't cry because it is the room temperature reached demands value or higher than the value often start and shut down air conditioner, and shall let the air conditioner through the temperature controller to control the startup and shutdown. Air conditioner when not in use should be shut off the power and pull the plug.

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