The central air-conditioning temperature controller hand operator fan coil wire control LCD thermostat, three-speed switch panel

by:Edison      2020-08-28

no underlying meaning: neutral packing, there is no company name, contact information and address. ( Wisely to 3 without misgivings, please take no mark)

you can choose to play the sign, is a trademark and producer name and address, telephone number, certificate

there is no standard products ( For household and beautiful do not need to specify brand marks or engineering needs to buy back his reprocessing badging own branded with)

a, LCD thermostat must connect wire and zero line, if there is no zero line which can't use liquid crystal switch. Specific look at the following wiring diagram!

this LCD hvac thermostat without a clock ( Time display function) Switch, timer countdown function

three, hvac thermostat to professionals need to wiring, please do not charged wiring, installation must be in accordance with the actual marker position corresponding to the connection panel ( Firewire, zero line, high, medium and low, valve, valve clearance) The wrong line might damage the machine.

4, prompt thermostat wiring ( Fire, zero, high, medium, low, open, close) The real actual position shall prevail.

the following is a LCD thermostat four kinds of wiring diagram, according to the physical temperature controller on the front panel ( Fire, zero, high, medium, low, open, close) The corresponding access. Wrong line cause panel burn is beyond the scope of quality assurance; Need to be careful. 。

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