The characteristics and function of the fan coil thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-31

the characteristic and function of the fan coil thermostat

fan coil hvac thermostat is widely used in commercial and civil buildings, for heating, air conditioning of central air conditioning terminal coil motor, to control the water valve, the logic circuit of the measurement of temperature and set temperature, when the temperature relative difference is greater than 1 ℃, the fan since the start or electric valve, when the temperature reaches set temperature, the fan or electric valve automatically shut down.

product features

1. Automatic constant temperature control.

2。 Switch cold heat transformation, the outer flame retardant ABS material.

3。 Embedded installation, standard cassette type 86 installation, convenient installation.

4。 Service life and hvac thermostat contacts in 220 v, at full capacity, more than 100000 times, manual switch is more than 6000 times.

product features:

wind speed fan coil third, three line secondary electric valve, electric valve, solenoid valve, or switch type air valve, auxiliary electric heating equipment, three air valve.

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