The characteristics of mixed water valve have?

by:Edison      2020-09-10

what are the specific characteristics of mix water valve? Can according to the need to regulate the water temperature of hot and cold water to mix, the required temperature can be achieved quickly and stable, ensure that the water temperature is constant, and is not affected by water temperature, flow rate and pressure change, solve the problems of the bath center blows hot and cold water temperature, when cold water interruption, mix water valve can be in a few seconds automatically shut off the hot water, security. A mix water temperature control valve, which includes imported with hot water, cold water inlet and the mixed water outlet valve body, the body in the middle of the confluence of a valve core, valve core is fixed on the valve stem of the handle, on the outside of the valve core of the body is equipped with adjustable screw, screw through the valve body and valve core into the body of revolution, the water inlet is equipped with flow control device, the flow control device is equipped with into the water inlet pipe, the pipe joint with the pistons, piston has sliding suit has adjust the body, regulate body wall open flow adjustment holes, regulate body and live along with compression spring between beyond the Great Wall.

when the water temperature set, through adjusting screw of the valve core is fixed, does not produce misoperation and make the water temperature changes, but also need to adjust again, next time when used in the inlet is installed with flow control device, ensure water inflow, so as to maintain a constant water temperature.

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