The characteristics of the air conditioning thermostat and installation instructions

by:Edison      2020-08-30

fan coil hvac thermostat - Fan coil hvac thermostat features

save energy: fan coil thermostat is suitable for the industrial, commercial, household the temperature control in the bedroom. The thermostat, thermostat electronic thermostat. Through the indoor temperature and set temperature, at the end of the air conditioning system of central air conditioner thermostat fan coil units and electric valve or electric air valve control. To adjust the indoor temperature, improve the environmental comfort, the purpose of saving energy.

fan coil thermostat - Fan coil hvac thermostat installation instructions

1. With a width not more than 3. 5 mm flat mouth screwdriver to pry open the machine control panel and the power card buckle, pull the connection ribbon cable sway with the hand.

2。 After part connected the power supply control circuit in a 86 mm need to install the cassette.

3。 To sway the row line inserted into a slot in the control panel.

4。 The panel and the power part gently buckle together, pay attention to the machine card slot must be installed.

5。 After debugging good the whole machine, glass protective film machine can gently torn off, is completed.

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