The choice of the thermostatic valve thermostatic valve

by:Edison      2020-09-07
Now many families have used basically on the green, no pollution new energy. But for many consumers or solar energy is not very trust, then side will use thermostatic valve, thermostatic valve there are a lot of knowledge, thermostatic valve is indispensable to solar, thermostatic valve manufacturer to introduce below the thermostatic valve what is knowledge. A, product application and function characteristics of constant temperature faucet is widely used in hotels, entertainment venues, private residence and public baths, etc. Users can according to need to adjust at the required temperature, first set the required temperature, within 5 seconds after the water can reach your required temperature, cold water, after losing for the water will quickly shut down automatically, can effectively avoid scald. The constant temperature faucet shell adopts 59 pb brass casting and become, in accordance with national standards. Temperature control valve core adopts 304 stainless steel mesh refined processed, prevent sediment and other debris into the valve core body, to ensure that the valve core is in use process because of sediment into the phenomenon out of control. Plunger valve core using France V r t e r n technology, to ensure the accuracy of temperature control, temperature adjustable. Unique patented filter structure, thoroughly solved the valve core is reduced flow caused by filtering problem. Thermostatic valve core adopts modular structure design, easy to clean. Second, the technical parameters of 1, operating pressure: 0. 05 - 1. 0 mpa2, recommended pressure: 0. 1 - 0. 5 M Pa, more than the recommended pressure please install a flow range is 0. 5 M Pa shrink tube. 3, the cold water supply temperature: 5 - 29 ℃, hot water supply temperature: 50 - 4 ℃, water temperature range 20-80 50 ℃, the suitable temperature 38 ℃, safety test: cold water close in 5 seconds, rate of outflow automatically reduce to 1. Below 9 l/min, the outflow is less than 150 ml, outflow temperature less than 49 ℃. 6, the water temperature stability testing: when the water temperature is constant, the water pressure change is 20%, the water temperature is + / - 1 set temperature. 5℃; When the water pressure constant, hot water temperature from 50 - To set temperature 80 ℃, the water temperature of + / - 1. 7℃。
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