The classification and features of the fan coil temperature controller

by:Edison      2020-08-21
Fan coil temperature controller is a typical application in the field of flow control valve in temperature control. Its basic principle is to control the heat exchanger, air conditioning unit or other hot and cold equipment and a hot ( Cold) Medium inlet flow rate, outlet temperature control equipment. When load changes, by changing the valve opening to regulate traffic, eliminate the impact of the load fluctuation, restoring the temperature to the set value. A, self-reliance thermostat: self-reliance type temperature control valve USES the liquid thermal expansion and the principle of incompressible, realize automatic adjustment. Uniform temperature sensor in liquid expansion, control function for the proportional control. When controlled medium temperature change, volume expansion or contraction of thermal fluid in the sensors. When controlled medium temperature is higher than the set value, thermal fluid expansion, push down close the valve, valve core to reduce heat medium flow; When controlled medium temperature is lower than the set value, thermal liquid contraction, return spring push open the valve core, to increase the flow of heat medium. Second, the electric temperature controller: electric fan coil temperature control valve is a typical application in the field of temperature control of hvac, etc. The controller has the function of PI and PID adjustment, accurate control, loop control and a variety of functions, which can realize the fluid flow, pressure, differential pressure, temperature, humidity, enthalpy and air quality control. Are classified into electromechanical actuator and electrohydraulic type, has manual and automatic adjustment function, adjust agilely, shut off the power, flow characteristic ( Linear, etc. ) Is adjustable. Electro-hydraulic actuators have power automatic reset protection function, can receive 0 10 v or 4 - 20 ma signal, and have the function of the valve position feedback. Body for flow control valve, suitable for circulation pipes of frozen water, low pressure hot water, hot water, high pressure hot water, sea water, hot oil, and the regulation of steam. Linear good, adjustable than large, sealed tight, high temperature resistant, resistant to cavitation three, fan coil hvac thermostat setting temperature can be adjusted manually, automatic control and regulation of radiator thermostatic valves according to the requirements set water, achieve the goal of control indoor temperature. Fan coil units generally installed in front of the radiator temperature control valve, flow through automatic adjustment, achieve residents required to room temperature. Fan coil temperature control valve consists of two fan coil temperature control valve and the three fan coil temperature control valve. Three fan coil temperature control valve is mainly used in single pipe system with cross over. The shunt coefficient can be 0 Within the scope of 100% change. Flow control space is large, but the price is relatively expensive, complex structure. Secondary fan coil temperature control valve parts used in double pipe system, parts used for single pipe system. Double pipe system used in the temperature control valve on the two fan coil resistance is bigger than in the single pipe system. Fan coil temperature control valve temperature bag and body for the whole assembly, thermal bag itself for the indoor temperature sensor. If necessary, can use the remote temperature sensor; Remote temperature sensors placed in the room, of the need to temperature control valve body placed in a certain parts of the heating system.
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