The classification of the intelligent temperature controller

by:Edison      2020-08-21

we are living in many occasions to the requirement of temperature is very high, the feeling of the human body is certainly not accurate, so the intelligent temperature controller has been widely used in this area. The kinds of intelligent thermostat has a lot of, but roughly function are the same, then let us know the details.

intelligent hvac thermostat classification

1. By microcomputer automatic intellectual logic design, programmable timer/temperature choice;

2。 Digital, with big LCD screen, light touch keys make it easy for you to operate, can set a date and time display;

3。 Built-in six to nine programs, the user can also be their own programming, the user can choose according to his be fond of temperature at different times of the week.

4。 Overheating protection: when the temperature of the heating equipment exceeds preset temperature of overheating protection, thermostat automatically cut off the heating power source;

5。 Frost prevention function, can keep temperature of 5 ℃;

6。 With functions of ground temperature controlling.

intelligent thermostat classification

1. A maneuver

a maneuver is to set the temperature at a constant value, when the temperature is higher than the set point off the heater, a heater when temperature is lower than set value. Because thermal inertia effect, difference of temperature usually operate on 10 to dozens of degrees, the temperature controller in the market with technology development, has gradually been screening. Many users if there is such a huge difference between temperature control precision, usually chose the thermostat. We have not produce this kind of thermostat.

2。 Temperature control accuracy

choose form of PID temperature control, related to the characteristics of temperature control heater, in a relatively closed space, usually to temperature control in 1 degrees or so, to use solid state relay, silicon controlled voltage regulator module, to the temperature control in the plus or minus 0. 1℃。

3。 Current voltage regulating thermostats

this is a kind of PID temperature control, this form is applicable to high temperature control, the general PID form is regulate the on off cycle of heater, also is the power supply time, some form is to regulate the thermostat current voltage range. Requirements of voltage regulation module handle. Regulating module is a built-in thyristor can regulate the temperature control of current voltage range. Need to clarify is that PID is a kind of control method, not the PID temperature controller is recuperated current voltage range, only if 4 ~ 20 ma output temperature controller is able to regulate the current voltage range.

intelligent temperature controller can automatically control temperature, saves us a lot of trouble, especially for some places need to a certain temperature, intelligent temperature controller is indispensable. Different types of hvac thermostat operating mode is also different, we must know when buy.

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