The developing course of regulating valve

by:Edison      2020-09-28

1, what is the earliest regulating valve of the birth of the regulator?

in the 20 s of the twentieth century, the stability of the original pressure with the regulator, has been eight hundred and ninety years of development history, has produced the ten kinds of valve products, such as self-reliance type valve and positioner, etc.

nowadays, the regulator has become the most commonly used for the process control industry, important terminal control components. At present, with the development of new process control method and system, will be more and more high to the requirement of regulating valve, single regulator development situation is not optimistic, with the development of Chinese industry, the development of the regulating valve has become an extremely important in the development of the industrial branch, development and promote the development of domestic valve industry valve manufacturer, has become, the requirements of the new industrial revolution.

2, met in the 60 s of the twentieth century before what kind of valve?

in the 1930 s, with v-notch two-seater represented valve and single-seat valve products.

in the 1940 s, the locator, regulator is the production of new varieties of further, then appeared the diaphragm valve, Angle valve, butterfly valve and ball valve, etc.

in the 1950 s, used widely ball valve, three-way valve to replace two single-block valves are used into the system.

in the 1960 s, special valves made some stage results, and began to gradually develop new special valves, valve into the special use in the scene.

3, regulator production of form a complete series of China is in what time?

in the 1960 s, China's existing product seriation design improvements and standardization, standardization of design, formed a complete series of products with Chinese characteristics. Now China is also a lot of use single-seat regulating valve, two-seater regulating valve, Angle valve, three-way valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, ball valve products is still in the 1960 s seven levels of products.

4, eccentric sleeve valve and the hair is when to start?

in the 1960 s, foreign launched the eighth class structure of the regulator - new products - Sleeve valve, the most prominent is the Fisher formula. In the 1970 s, there is a kind of new structure of the product Eccentric rotary valve, become a class structure of 9 varieties of regulating valve. During this period, the sleeve valve is widely used in foreign countries. In the late 1970 s and early '80 s, the domestic research institutions and manufacturers joint design of the sleeve, make our country had their own sleeve valve series products.

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