The dust in the fan coil thermostat need clear in time

by:Edison      2020-08-28
The dust in the fan coil hvac thermostat need clear in time, otherwise it will affect the use effect, but at the same time of dust cleaning, staff should remind everybody fan coil air conditioning implement congestion also need attention. Fan coil condensate blockage phenomenon is often, this is mainly a water in the fan coil air conditioner, plus a comfortable temperature, easy to have a reproductive growth of algae produce colloidal slippery is extremely thick residual mass will be condensed water pipe plug. Abroad often in fan coil air conditioner water pan is placed alga drugs, in order to reduce the harm. On the advice of the professional fan coil air conditioning unit needs to be thoroughly flushed descaling, cleaning, of course, is one way to take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, in addition to clean, be positive to maintenance of equipment. The size can be customized air conditioning, customized outlet, customized return air mouth manufacturer to order different size requirements specifications; According to the requirements of customers to handle air volume can be flexible combination. Docking central air conditioning fresh air and return air inlets. For different type of air conditioning systems. Can according to the size of the central air conditioning don't have to type, air volume selecting different types of purification equipment, economical and practical. Can be used with air treatment equipment of air conditioning system. Such as: modular air handling units, variable air volume air conditioner, fan coil, etc.
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