The electric hot water bag thermostat quality is especially important

by:Edison      2020-08-21

at present, the temperature drop, the temperature plummeted again bring strong demand to heating products, such as electric hot water bag. However, in the face of the quality of the good and bad are intermingled of heating products, consumers should be how to identify the safety? “ Recently, my home in November last year to buy electric hot water bag, have a burning smell in charge, businessman says is normal phenomenon, I'm afraid I can't continue to use. One thousand water bag burst, that's to & lsquo; Disfigured & rsquo; , which now supplies the electric hot water bag if it had been a quarter, want to get a new one every year! ” Yesterday, in the face of the urban garden LiuHu Wang Dama such doubt, did not dare to jump from the answer, because & other; Hot water bag & throughout; Burst incident has many see, really is concerned. Wang Dama recall, before there is a electric hot water bag with 78 home, broke down after she again in the market to buy electric hot water bag is not through use, basic is buy a year, because the quality is bad at home have several only useless electric hot water bag. “ At present, the heating products appear on the market burst event is triggered by the hvac thermostat switch closes nevertheless, mainly manufacturers to cut corners to reduce costs, this kind of products in general, no maintenance value. ” Urban FKB home appliance service company controller introduces, normally when bag temperature over 80 degrees Celsius, the hvac thermostat switch power automatically trip, once the thermostat quality closes nevertheless, charging heating to produce the large amount of water vapor expansion, the result will be a hot water bag burst. So how can consumers know heater temperature control switch pass? “ The most direct approach is to recognize & lsquo; 3C’ ( Namely & lsquo; China compulsory product certification & rsquo; Short, English abbreviation CCC) And this is the most basic heating product safety certification, pass & lsquo; 3C’ Certified products are likely to be in the temperature control system on the safety requirements. ” Reporter noted that Wang Dama save there is no hot water bag mark & other 3C” Certification.

it is known that many of the production workshop since childhood products tend to grab the market at a low price. Even in some rural markets, heating products in & other; Naked sell & throughout; State ( No outer packing without 3 c certificate) , and these should be & other; The snow gifts & throughout; Inferior heating products, but leave security for citizens. Will present situation, it seems, regulators to all exist source factory law enforcement difficulties, the current law enforcement personnel can only be limited to the sales area, within the jurisdiction of regulatory and safety products.

when so consumer is buying heating products, should pay special attention to choose to have qualified certificate, test report complete brand, and to see whether the product has the producer name and address and phone number. So, to guaranteed the quality of heating heater.

Nowadays, the adoption of home thermostat in ac compressor control valve industry is quite common.
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