The four classification of thermostatic control valve

by:Edison      2020-09-08
Thermostatic control valves according to the bulb by thermal medium filling of different classification, can be roughly divided into the following four categories: 1) Steam temperature package type

the thermostatic valve temperature bags filled by medium is a kind of low boiling point liquid, when the outside temperature, part of the liquid gas, temperature increased package size to promote stem, close the valve opening, reduced into the radiator water flow, when the outside temperature lower part of the gas and liquefied liquid, bulb volume decreases, and valve opening increases, thus increasing the radiator water flow. Thermal medium in this bulb often in gas and liquid mixed state, its advantage is action time quickly, but very strict with bulb seal, rarely used in domestic.

2) Liquid bag type temperature bags filled with heat medium as a special liquid, usually for methanol and toluene. The bulb volume is larger, action time is shorter, which has been widely applied in domestic at present. 3) Filling in the solid state bulb type bulb is high expansion coefficient of solid, paraffin, etc. Due to the gas and solid liquid is heated, Cold) Volume change is small, so the thermal action is slow, but relatively liquid temperature small package volume, there is also a part of the application in the country. 4) Metal plate to its thermal constant temperature controller device is a special kind of which has the function of memory alloy sheet metal, the metal due to heat bilges cold shrink, temperature control valve action.
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