The installation of central air-conditioning thermostat method

by:Edison      2020-08-23
Today in many buildings and homes will use central air conditioning, and adjust the temperature of the device are generally use central air conditioner thermostat. Installation method and steps of the central air conditioner hvac thermostat is not difficult, only need according to certain procedures. 1, can use first flat screwdriver into the small card sits next to the thermostat inside the mouth, slowly open the floor to come, make separate between panel and floor, and then the bottom screws used to want to position is ok. When to thermostat wiring must be carried out in accordance with the circuit diagram, and the thermostat inside can't have water, impurities such as mud, or it will damage to the parts inside. In addition the air near it must be have good ventilation conditions, and the ground should be between 1. 2 meters distance, at the same time, to prevent sun point-blank, let it near the temperature in a stable state. 2, if the room is still not fully decorate finish to install, best can be labeled tape around it has cracks, or can prevent the dust into the inside of something else. Can the LCD panel removed first, wait until the right time to install it back. Because in decorating a room when there are a lot of return, it is easy to through the small gap into the inside, damage to the product. 3, installation, if the wall is not very smooth, or is the place of installation width is too large, if the screw is too tight, there may be a little deformation, floor and then put the LCD to opening up could affect its definition; Also may directly lead to can't buckle on the situation, therefore, install screw cannot too tight, or is installed to prevent the metope of smooth, try to make the floor flat state. 4, at the time of installation of central air-conditioning thermostat, if you use the wire is too stiff, if installation problems existing in the method, will damage to the power supply terminals, so best is relatively soft connection wire.
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