The introduction of radiator thermostatic valves

by:Edison      2020-09-05
In system of heating of the heat sink, owner and we have a headache what is the temperature control, as long as we fin worthy enough, room temperature to go up is certainly no problem, but if we now is common manual valve, sometimes have a headache is sometimes too hot! Customer will be ok to call you set it by the door, that we usually turn down the boiler water temperature is called customer points, but a lower part of the room temperature is not enough, sometimes have a headache! Or there is a condition is sometimes customers to high temperature, the sitting room the bedroom temperature low, continue to have a headache! There is some customer, want to energy conservation, door closed, then drove home, just began to heat up no problem, then a night's sleep, temperatures continue to rise up, customer is going to get up close the valve, still have a headache! A few headaches, we can only think of some way to come, thermostatic valve! When installation is on hand from one valve take off the lid, and then the thermostatic head stuck up thermostatic valve thermostatic valve control temperature, that is, control flow, the temperature is high, the water, the temperature is low, the boiling water, is very simple, and then switch water is done by thermostatic valve head, we look at the structure of the thermostatic valve head, there is a few parts, a bulb, a spring, a valve stem, and then with a few thread parts, one by one come

bulb, is actually a package, simple, filled with liquid, gas, different manufacturers YangZhuang some of the things is different also, we have no matter, anyway, the principle of clear line, the principle is the heat bilges cold shrink, high temperature, the inside of the bulb east began to swell, swelling up to down, the stem pressing down on them, and then turn off the water, hot water into the heat sink and cooling, and then the temperature, temperature package a contraction, the valve stem and play, hot water to continue into the heat sink,

spring, his work is a push the valve stem, as long as the bag is not holding up warm, he will push up the stem, and betting bulb, there is a role, everyone see thermostatic valve head is not a number? 12345, corresponding to the temperature, how many degrees, you can twist to several corresponding screw valve head is actually twist spring! Have a spring, elastic changed, betting that spring and bulb of effort, is must expand some more to bulb, so that the corresponding temperature is high, is how many degrees thermostatic valve must be in the outside to close the valve. In addition, in addition to a thermostatic valve 12345 there is a snow gear, don't know everyone noticed no, this is the antifreeze, our heating system is not afraid of water freeze pipe, heat sink? Boiler, air can host has a frost protection, how many degrees below the open pump automatically, automatic ignition, but water have to into the heat sink, thermostatic valve work again at this moment, you have to freeze protection block, he below a certain temperature automatically open, this with host anti-freezing function, anti-freezing effect of leverage. Just as an aside, thermostatic valve has a small problem, is now the general manufacturer is generally high temperature 28 degrees thermostatic valve head, that is to say as long as you at 28 degrees thermostatic valve will automatically close, but the thermostatic valve is mounted on the radiator, radiator temperature 28 degrees, on the edge of the room temperature may also only 20 degrees, some clients will say 20 degree is low, I'm cold ~ ~ ~ ~ so when you install thermostatic valve and customers say ahead of time, as long as the thermostatic valve, room temperature is not high, not wear a separates the effect of running in the room
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