The maintenance of central air-conditioning thermostat process

by:Edison      2020-08-23

central air conditioner thermostat observation implementation of indoor temperature and set temperature difference analysis, limit fan coil fan and electric fire water valve, gain modulation indoor temperature difference and ease the use of energy saving. Applicable to the jurisdiction of the two tubes/four, secondary/third line electric valve, three-speed fan coil. Have a road on RS485 network interface ( FC270C can have only) To access the building automation system. Popularity as the top shopping malls, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, live, etc.

central air conditioner thermostat electric water heater with copper pieces of metal to create contact area, because of copper is more sensitive to the heat from the cold so when temperature difference can have complete set value, the shape of a copper sheet metal is curly, as for the current it is closed on contact. Water when the water is heated to set temperature difference of heat conduction to the central air conditioner thermostat copper in the copper due to heat straight above will contact bounce off into power. At the time of temperature degradation copper and restore to the original form to contact on into electrical heating form. 。

central air conditioner hvac thermostat, this is a kind of shell part of bimetallic strip of new central air conditioner thermostat. Central air conditioner thermostat for the first time is used for each electric heating specification implementation is too hot hot spells, common use with thermal fuse series. Central air conditioner thermostat as first-class, thermal fuse in the central air conditioner thermostat decreases as the secondary, results of the joint venture, each other to avoid burn out electric heating element and thus contribute to the flood accident.

first of all, the power cord to the sensing line and fire fan line is connected to a central air conditioner thermostat, electric survey: if the show overall average three-phase temperature difference, trouble-free alarm overtemperature alarm lamp and tripping, light is constantly together with the hand touch panel 'manual or active' button, if fire fan indicator, fire fan should be fluctuations at the moment and then touch 'manual or active' button, fan indicator cease fire, fire fan should stop working at the moment, but overall reasoning central air conditioner hvac thermostat routine operation.

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