The mechanical constant temperature controller can access system

by:Edison      2020-09-23

high mechanical test indoor temperature constant temperature controller with high implementation according to design temperature, control the exhaust smoke fan and fan coil electric water valve, make adjust the indoor temperature is high, the stability of the purpose of saving resources. To adapt to the two pipe lines to/four control and two/three electric three-way valve, three-speed fan coil of restraint. Hold road RS485 network interface, FC270C hold only) To access the building automation system. Widely as a class party, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, and live.

mechanical electric water heater temperature control for copper sheet metal manufacturing level contact, in view of the copper compared to the heat from the cold sensitive so standardized values in high temperature will not arrive in time, the copper sheet metal is the shape of a twist, it now contact is closed connected. Water when the water is heated to high standardized temperature of heat conduction to the mechanical constant temperature controller in copper copper with heated unbend above will contact bounce off power into the situation. At an hour when high temperature degradation copper back to the original situation make contacts connected into electric heat situation. 。

mechanical constant temperature controller, it is a shell part of bimetallic strip new mechanical constant temperature controller. Mechanical constant temperature controller is back in the early of each electric heating specification implementation sieving hot spells, unusual and thermal fuse in application. Mechanical constant temperature controller is used for important maintenance, thermal fuse on mechanical hvac thermostat failure to level 2 maintenance, strong cooperation each other, avoid burn out electric heating element and therefore caused by the fire.

will start and the power cord, sensing smoke exhaust fan line connected to the mechanical constant temperature controller, electric inspection: if the three-phase temperature Gao Xianlou overall balancing, trouble-free alarm a overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator light down, or active button manually, by hand press panel if smoke exhaust fan indicator, exhaust fan at the moment should be launched to push or active button manually, exhaust fan indicator, exhaust fan should be suspended at the moment the scroll, but overall resolution ordinary mechanical hvac thermostat assignments.

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