The method to solve the problem of shower water temperature of hot and cold

by:Edison      2020-09-06
When we take a bath, often encounter and wash to half of the time, suddenly cold or hot water temperature, water temperature is not suitable for a shower, and then want to adjust the water temperature, but for a while will appear the phenomenon of hot and cold water temperature, this phenomenon is particularly in the bath, bath, hotel, hotel and other places of public showering is more outstanding, on the one hand to take a bath when the water temperature of hot and cold make human body uncomfortable, the water temperature is too hot to hot to need to take care of the old person or child, on the other hand blows hot and cold water temperature to adjust also waste a lot of hot water. How to solve the phenomenon of hot and cold water temperature, while taking a bath first, we look at what causes a bath when the phenomenon of hot and cold water temperature. Usually when we are in the bath, generally used mix water components, whether it is main way to mix water, or specific to each nozzle mix water one part. The principle of mix water valve of the thermostatic valve is through a cold water inlet and a water inlet, adjust the water ratio of hot and cold water, warm water for the use of appropriate water temperature is reached.

1, the hot and cold water temperature is mostly due to the hot and cold water in the process of mixed water in and out of the water pressure fluctuation caused by the poor, especially in the public bath, because not fixed in bath at the same time, always change, thus causing the hot and cold water in and out of the water pressure difference is always fluctuating, mix water valve of water also can appear the phenomenon of hot and cold.

2, changes in water temperature of water is just a kind of circumstance. For the first case, many current bathing place is dual water supply system ( Each nozzle an ordinary mix water valve) With low water pressure fluctuation, this way of regulating and adjust the water temperature is applicable of personalization, but for bathing personnel quantity change a big place, is not very good, because we each nozzle of the hot and cold water in and out of the water resistance is different, thus causing a pressure fluctuation, the use of shower water temperature fluctuations, so in the traditional double tube to solve this problem, can be to hot and cold water pipes as far as possible do with routine, so that the water temperature can fluctuate a little bit small. In the second case, as long as is not continuous change, average water temperature to adjust. Montauk fluid equipment co. , LTD. , long-term accumulation of experience in hot water, to develop pipeline thermostatic valve well solved the problem of the hot and cold water when bathing. Pipeline thermostatic valve was developed based on common mix water valve of a kind of intelligent temperature control products, its basic structure similar to ordinary mix water valve, a cold water inlet, a water inlet and a export use warm water. Pipeline thermostatic valve working principle is: the outlet of the thermostatic valve in the pipeline, there is a perception of water temperature sensor, can feel the water temperature is to promote the movement of the valve core, open or sealing of hot and cold water inlet, regulate the percentage of hot and cold water into the water; Set the temperature by temperature knob, when hot and cold water inlet temperature change, in and out of the water pressure differential, and the sensor by sensing the water to drive the valve core is moving, hot and cold water into the water ratio also follow change, so as to make the water temperature is stable.
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