The principle of central air conditioning fan coil thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-30

the principle of central air conditioning fan coil hvac thermostat

1, fan coil units commonly used temperature controller has two kinds: mechanical and liquid crystal type, mechanical introduces here. , electrical characteristics, using range: 10 ~ 30 oc heat element: temperature control bellows ontology material: fire retardant ABS color appearance: white electrical properties: temperature control components: 24 to 277 v50/60 hz switch: 6 a ( Impedance load) 4 ( The perceptual load) 24 to 277 v50/60 hz, using the environment temperature: 0 ~ 50 oc storage environment temperature: - 30 ~ 50 oc for wire diameter, diameter of 1 mm or 18 awg certification: CE weight: 0. 24 kg2,圣- 1 within the hvac thermostat has a on/off two working location, can be installed in the place of its temperature should be controlled. The thermostat on-off controlled electric valves open and close, keep indoor temperature in the range of ( Temperature control in 10 - setting temperature Adjustable 30 degrees Celsius) 。 In the summer, to the coil supply of frozen water, when the room temperature rose to more than set temperature, the hvac thermostat contacts through 1 and 2, system of indoor air conditioning, when the switch is rooted in the 'OFF' file, MV - electric valve Shut down due to loss of electricity, the fan power also cut off

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