The purpose of energy saving mechanical constant temperature controller

by:Edison      2020-09-23

mechanical thermostat security compared with placing temperature, indoor temperature difference control fan coil fan and electric water valve, made to regulate indoor temperature, energy saving purpose. Suitable for use in two pipe/lines to the jurisdiction of the four, two/three electric valve, three-speed fan coil manipulation. RS485 interface (online can have a road FC270C can have only) To access the building automation system. Widely as a senior party, star hotel, club, airports, high-speed, venues, live, etc.

mechanical electric water heater temperature control USES copper pieces of metal production area of contact, because copper is sensitive to heat from the cold a little time to finish the setting values in difference in temperature unclaimed, copper metal is curved shape, then it is closed on contact. Water when the water is heated to set temperature difference of heat conduction to the copper sheet is being heated straight above the mechanical constant temperature controller will contact bounce off into power. At the temperature to reduce the time of copper and restore to the original form to contact on into electrical heating form. 。

mechanical constant temperature controller, it is a kind of take the jacket with new mechanical hvac thermostat items of bimetallic strip. Mechanical thermostat early role is back on the critical thermal electric items to overheating, general and thermal fuse in use. Mechanical constant temperature controller is used for important maintenance, thermal fuse for secondary repair when mechanical hvac thermostat failure, two efficient agent, can avoid damage of electric parts and thus infection was on fire.

will start the power cord, the sensing line and line of the fan is well matched with the mechanical constant temperature controller, electric inspection: if three temperature difference performance in general equilibrium, trouble-free alarm toghter overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator, with the hand touched a panel manually or active button, indicator, if the fan fan should be present fluctuation affects manual or active button again, the fan light is lit, the current fan should suspend operations, but generally differentiate general mechanical hvac thermostat assignments.

Nowadays, the adoption of thermostats in ac compressor control valve industry is quite common.
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