The purpose of the thermostatic valve and classification

by:Edison      2020-09-05

today, thermostatic valve manufacturer small make up to introduce the purpose of the thermostatic valve, principle as well as different users ( Domestic outfit terminal, installation companies and developers) Should be how to choose appropriate thermostatic valve products, in order to get the best efficiency.

a, what is a Thermostatic valve

Thermostatic radiator valves, namely the Thermostatic radiator valve ( TRV) , it is a kind of installation on the radiator, by adjusting the flow to control the heat inside the radiator, at a constant indoor temperature. Compared with the conventional manual radiator valve, use the thermostatic valve system is more comfortable, more efficient; According to deloitte, industrial university college of power engineering research has shown that compared with the manual radiator valve. Using precise thermostatic radiator valves can energy saving up to 28%. North market common manual thermostatic radiator valves in old radiator heating system, give priority to with design of radiator manual valve, indoor temperature adjustment according to subjective feeling completely, because the previous heat metering is according to the area of charge, every household is the basic valve to a fully open state, the whole heating system operation cost is very high, but the comfort is poor; With the change of the heat metering, according to the heat charge by according to the area of charge instead, or in accordance with the time the metering area of on-off method, it also makes the thermostatic valve advantages more and more obvious, use the radiator in indoor temperature setting of the thermostatic valve can be automatically closed after small or even close the valve, reducing the flow inside the radiator, which can reduce the energy consumption. For new buildings, thermostatic valve has design requirements as listed in the specification, the old system also gradually in the thermostatic valve of the renovation. Use of thermostatic valve, believe in the near future, will be more and more high.

2, thermostatic valve working principle of

thermostatic valve consists of two parts, thermostatic valve body and thermostatic valve head, rotary thermostatic valve head can adjust the indoor constant temperature. Thermostatic valve consists of valve body and valve head

thermostatic valve head built-in thermal bag indoor temperature measurement, when the indoor temperature is higher than the set temperature, temperature bags medium expansion, pushing the corrugated pipe, so as to promote small axial shimonoseki valve valve opening, reduce the water flow into the radiator. When indoor temperature is lower than the set value, bags medium temperature contraction, the body of the spring roll up to the top, the valve stem increase the water flow into the radiator, improve indoor temperature reached set value. Thermostatic valve constant temperature, therefore, is to rely on the secret of inner device to respond to the outside temperature, by the flow control system to control the temperature of the radiator. Thus, the whole performance of thermostatic radiator valves mainly depends on: bulb and response speed of execution, the sealing performance of valve core, spring fast reset ability, etc.

the choose and buy of three, thermostatic valve

know that the main factors that influence the properties of thermostatic radiator valves, let's take a look at how to select the high performance of the thermostatic valve.

the choice of the bulb

the thermostatic valve brand on the market and various kinds, bulb medium mainly can be divided into the following three: package solid temperature, liquid temperature bag, the gas temperature package; Solid state bulb a longer reaction time, feel the room temperature lag, but has great execution, in case of need to valve can be completely shut up; Package the shortest reaction time gas temperature, responding quickly to room temperature deviation, but in some cases, the valve closed tightly may happen; And package liquid temperature reaction time is moderate, the execution is moderate, is the best medium temperature package, is also the mainstream imported brand preferred temperature medium.

body materials

the thermostatic valve body material is good or not directly affects the service life of the valve body, choose the material with high corrosion resistance can prolong the service life of the valve. Currently on the market are mostly use the brass material, a small amount of high-end products will use higher performance of gun metal.

the executive force of the spring in the constant temperature valve core

the executive force of the spring in the constant temperature valve core will directly affect the adhesion of valve. If the constant temperature valve core used in spring with poor execution, after heating season, thermostatic valve has been closed, when the second heating system using a thermostatic valve, again will find thermostatic valve has the adhesion situation, radiators without water, always need to use pliers will be pulled up to the valve core to normal use, it will bring unnecessary trouble to households. And with high executive force of spring, even if the valve has been in a state of closure, also won't appear adhesion, spring always have enough execution can separate the valve core and valve base, late can make maintenance easier.

the sealing performance of thermostatic valve core

thermostatic valve in adhesion is not only related to the executive force of the spring inside the thermostatic valve core, and also has relations with the sealing performance at the ends of the spring, if the spring rusting, will weaken the executive force of spring. Therefore, we need to do sealing with spring, prevent it from contact with the water. Generally think that as long as the spring under the disposal of the waterproof seal is enough, but it's not that good in the thermostatic valve core for spring are set the seal on both ends of the up and down, the bottom of the sealing ring is to prevent to into the spring of the water in the radiator, the upper part of the sealing ring is to prevent moisture from the atmosphere into the rust occurs in the spring, which can guarantee the spring in a state of completely without water, will not rust, guarantees the high execution.

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