The refrigerator thermostat - — Winter and summer adjustment method

by:Edison      2020-08-31
Why touch screen hvac thermostat to set it like that? Because, the temperature of the freezer is to rely on storage room temperature control, look at your temperature control knob is in the closet. The temperature of the freezer in 0 ~ 10 degrees, in winter, indoor temperature is close to the temperature, if the hvac thermostat knob on the 3 or less than 3, refrigerator compressor is rarely start, although the refrigerator temperature can meet the requirements, but the temperature of the freezer will not be able to reach below 18 degrees below zero, food spoils easily, serious when food thaw melted. In summer, the temperature is higher, if the hvac thermostat knob on 3 or more than 3, refrigerator freezer in order to meet the temperature requirements, frequent start compressor, while the temperature of the freezer is more lower than 18 degrees below zero, but it is a waste of electricity, shorten the service life of the refrigerator, this is also what we don't want to. So the right to adjust the refrigerator temperature control knob can make us both fresh and save electricity.
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