The selection of fan coil motor valve point and its working principle

by:Edison      2020-09-01
< P> the selection of fan coil motor valve and it works < / P> < P> central air conditioner hvac thermostat by controlling its work or not to switch on or by the fan coil currents ( For the chilled water cooling, heating for hot water) , to change the status of the central air conditioning.

fan coil motor valve normally closed normally open and two general points, normally closed type refers to the power when the valve closed, normally open type is power off when the valve is fully open. Also connection points and three lines and two wire system, large diameter were mostly three-wire system, there will be two line of small diameter and three-wire system two kinds.

fan coil motor valve solenoid valve, is to use the magnetic field generated by electromagnetic coil to pull the valve core, so as to change the on-off valve body, power coil, valve core will depend on the pressure of the spring return.

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