The socket of the kitchen, hot and cold water valve how to pack? Water and electricity should be how to layout of the kitchen?

by:Edison      2020-09-08

there are a lot of people did not know the water and electricity should be how to layout of the kitchen. Small make up today, thermostatic valve factory is a brief introduction for you.

a: induction cooker outlet: induction cooker outlet generally installed in the furnace head right, from the ground, 500 - 600mm。

2: rice cooker outlet: ground: around 400 mm 1250 mm from the hearth

3: smoke lampblack machine outlet:

if your home is the Chinese style cigarette machine: generally located at the top of the machine body, the ground: around 2150 mm.

if your home is a european-style range hood: can be installed in iron or side in smoke lampblack machine.

4: sink tank outlet: used for water purifier or grinder, general 550 - from the ground 600 mm

5: basin under hot and cold water valve: center position, and 300 - from the ground 450 mm

6: alexipharmic ark socket: generally around 550 mm from the ground.

is the foundation of ambry scheme design of water and electricity, no water and electricity cabinet design is not good.

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