The thermostat has a very wide range of application scope

by:Edison      2020-08-28

the hvac thermostat (s) refers to the temperature change according to the working environment and internal physical deformation happened in switch, resulting in a certain special effects, and automatic control component produces conduction or alternate each other, also known as the temperature control switch, temperature protector, temperature controller, called the thermostat. Or the transmission of temperature by temperature protector to the temperature controller, and then switch temperature controller sends commands to control the operation of the equipment, in order to achieve the required temperature and energy saving effect.

the hvac thermostat has a very wide range of application scope. Depending on the type of hvac thermostat, it can be used in many products, such as household appliances, motor, refrigeration or heating.

it works through the temperature sensor automatically sampling temperature and real-time monitoring. When the environment temperature is higher than the setting of the control, the control circuit is started, and you can set the control lag. If the temperature is still on the rise, when the temperature reaches set transfinite alarm temperature point, will activate transfinite alarm functions. When can not effectively control the controlled temperature, in order to prevent equipment damage, can run through the device to stop tripping function, to continue to run. Mainly used for all kinds of high and low voltage switchgear, dry type transformer, box-type substation and other related electric power departments use temperature applications.

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