The thermostat is the core of the cb electronic components

by:Edison      2020-08-23

most of the situation in Europe the thermostat factory is hanging furnace accessories, both with one delivery users at the same time, and with hvac thermostat are mostly intelligent thermostat. At home, installed in running and is ready to be put into use in cb installation and debugging for nearly 95% of the first equipped with no form of simple or intelligent hvac thermostat. And room heating system with thermostat, especially in intelligent temperature controller, is a very prominent in comprehensive energy saving heating system of the most important link:

convenient - — Every automatic timing in advance or delay the switch to adjust in cb, from manual operation, the most necessary for working families;

comfortable - — In each period a day early afternoon late night room temperature automatic adjustment, from the morning and after I come home from work waiting for room heating and freezing embarrassed;

in gas - — Advanced instead of behind the extensive water temperature control for accurate temperature control, plus a set period of time at room temperature according to the need to run, don't Open Day and night to burn gas heating;

trust - — It assure the boiler mandatory start, when the room temperature is too low, only need little gas, can conduct antifreeze protection safely.

hanging furnace heating this since the heating way seems to be more expensive than central heating, but the fact is that so? Many people through some surveys the exact research this problem, first of all to say, from the perspective of cb purchase in cb brand high-end product price is relatively high, so make some family or choose several heating.

in cb but not all products are of high price, the price is based on the actual needs of the family to determine what kind of cb subscription product, hanging furnace heating outline map is a convenient independent heating and the effect of energy saving and other important, so must choose when buy brand products, only in this way can be guaranteed.

by the reaction of for the public, many village residents were to buy smart thermostats, the purpose is to want to use hanging furnace heating of the brand with intelligent temperature controller is used, according to the survey showed that the sensor at room temperature the widget, the status of the flexible adjustment in cb can usually make households save 20% to 30% of the cost

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