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by:Edison      2020-08-29

refrigeration letters according to the reporter learned that, on April 10, the reporter interviewed the jingchuang electric co. , LTD in jiangsu province, chairman of Li Chaofei, Mr Lee said: 'with the development of Internet technology, the hvac thermostat products should also have new progress and development, should be combined with remote monitoring technology, security escort for cold storage. '

it is understood that the jingchuang 17-year-old hvac thermostat manufacturer, has been committed to the cold chain and the control of air conditioning industry measurement. Production base covers an area of 20000 square meters, construction area of 15000 square meters, more than 5000 employees. The jingchuang already through ISO9001 - 2008、ISO14001- 2004、GB / T28001 - 2001, TS16949 certification, export products through the CE certification and UL certification, can produce completely in line with the eu ROHS directive requirements of environmental protection product. The jingchuang is a national high-tech enterprise, China the metrological verification regulation of temperature controller for drafting units, refrigeration and energy saving control of jiangsu province engineering technology research center, cold-chain iot development base, has a larger scale in the industry in Asia testing laboratory and r&d center, has undertaken more than 10 national and provincial science and technology projects, each year to market new products more than 40, has 4 invention patents, utility model, etc. 41.

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