The thermostat types and features

by:Edison      2020-08-22
The thermostat is commonly used in household appliances, metal temperature controller for the majority, it is to use two layer or layers of different thermal expansion coefficient of metal composite, can be directly to the heat energy into mechanical energy, to connect and disconnect the circuit. Because of the bimetal hvac thermostat temperature control is accurate, excellent electrical properties, production is simple and cheap and practical, widely used in household appliances, motor, rectifier equipment and household appliances, its purpose is mainly used for temperature control, temperature control and overheat protection, etc. Slow acting temperature controller for early developed temperature control products, high sensitivity, temperature control and reliable. Points temperature can mediate temperature setting two kinds, models are KMT and KMD, among them: K for thermostat, M said slow acting, T says the hvac thermostat temperature for variable values, D said the thermostat temperature as a fixed value. Works directly by using bimetallic strip deformation displacement after heating or cooling, make contact clutch, achieve the goal of on and off circuit and control temperature. Snap action thermostat is a bimetallic strip temperature controller and a new type of thermostat, applied to the industrial electrical appliances, motor, household electrical appliances field, especially in recent years the development of microwave oven, electromagnetic range, changes in temperature air-conditioning fans, use more common in small home appliance such as a food processor. Relay, various models generally referred to as the KSD, temperature are hierarchical fixed value, cannot be adjusted. The working principle of automatic reset type snap action thermostat is made dish will bimetallic strip elements, heat generated displacement energy accumulation, once overcome resistance to reverse kick, push push rod, fast contact arbitration, automatically disconnect circuit; When cooled, bimetallic strip kick restorable, make contact closure, automatic processing circuit, so as to achieve the goal of controlling temperature. Flashing thermostat working principle is to use the same thermal characteristics of the bimetallic strip, displacement after heating or cooling, produce mechanical energy to move the energy storage reed, characterized by a bimetallic strip cold and hot displacement is not immediately on the contact, but slowly when accumulated to a turning point in the energy storage reed, make its emergency action ( Less than zero. 2s) , rapid off/close contact, achieve the goal of on and off circuit and control temperature. The flashing thermostat has a displacement accumulation process, can form a certain inertia impact sensitivity, so usually choose bimetallic strip with high bending, change its effective length; Or with high elasticity of special steel storage reeds, adjust the energy storage of reed lever fulcrum and other methods to improve the sensitivity.
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