The use of the thermostat must pay attention to what issues?

by:Edison      2020-08-30
1, the thermostat should work in air relative humidity is not more than 90%, no corrosive and flammable gas and conductive dust environment. 2, used in the hvac thermostat and contact heat, should make its end cover against accused of hot parts of the equipment, and shall, in the end cover heat surface coated with thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of silicone grease or other performance similar medium. 3, the thermostat through contact with the liquid or steam heat, stainless steel plate products, and should have reliable leakage prevention measures, so as to avoid leakage of liquid on the hvac thermostat insulation parts. 4, during the installation process is the end cover at the top of the sag or make its deformation, lest affect product temperature and other properties. 5, when a bald head cover is adopted in the process of transportation and installation should protect leakage of bimetallic strip, so as not to damage the bimetallic strip lead to changes in temperature of the product. Six, can not let the liquid infiltration hvac thermostat inside. Shell must avoid too much pressure to prevent crack; Shell should be kept clean, prevent the conductive material pollution, lest be insulation performance and the short circuit breakdown. 7, in use process cannot bend terminals, it will affect the reliability of the electrical connection and contact resistance.
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