The wide application of the thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-29

the thermostat is to point to inside the switch according to the deformation of the physical work environment temperature changes, resulting in a special effects, by each other's automatic control element produces conduction or alternating movement, also known as the temperature control switch, temperature protector, temperature controller, called the thermostat. Or by temperature protector of transmitting temperature hvac thermostat, then the thermostat switch instructions, the operation of the control equipment, to achieve the required temperature and energy saving effect.

the thermostat is used widely. According to the type of hvac thermostat, it can be used in many products, such as household appliances, motor, refrigeration or heating.

its working principle is a temperature sensor for automatic sampling and real-time monitoring of the environment temperature. When the environment temperature is higher than the control set point, the control circuit can be set to start and control lag. If the temperature is still rising, when the temperature reached transfinite alarm set point, start the transfinite alarm function. When the control temperature cannot effectively control, to prevent equipment damage, the hvac thermostat may continue to run through the tripping function stop device. Temperature controller is mainly used for electric power department to use all kinds of high and low voltage switchgear, dry type transformer, box-type substation and related temperature applications.

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