The working principle of pipe constant mix water valve

by:Edison      2020-09-10
Pipe constant mix water valve is based on the ordinary mix water valve developed a kind of intelligent temperature control products, its basic structure similar to ordinary mix water valve, a cold water inlet, a water inlet and a export use warm water. Pipe constant mix water valve working principle is: constant mix water valve in pipe outlet, there is a perception of water temperature sensor static mixer, can feel the water temperature is to promote the movement of the valve core, open or sealing of hot and cold water inlet, regulate the percentage of hot and cold water into the water; Set the temperature by temperature knob, when hot and cold water inlet temperature change, in and out of the water pressure differential, and the sensor by sensing the water to drive the valve core is moving, hot and cold water into the water ratio also follow change, so as to make the water temperature is stable.
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