Thermal package impact analysis of central air conditioner thermostat control precision

by:Edison      2020-08-29

heat packet analysis of the influence of the central air conditioner thermostat control precision

it is clear that for the electrical heating element, heat packs can say is the most basic parts of induction temperature device. In general, in the process of aiming at low temperature are measured by using the temperature sensor device is given priority to with brass. The copper tube as the main materials of the thermostat is cheap, but with the corresponding copper capillary should consider setting up larger, put an end to electronic heating elements in the process of hvac thermostat run continuously break defect, from this point of view, in the rate of temperature sensing system for temperature response is faster. But we also need to pay special attention to the problem of one aspect: the copper material itself has lead to a larger thermal expansion coefficient of heat in the ambient temperature in the oven for the process of perception, the increased its volume parameters can present a instantaneity, causing ripples in displacement parameters fluctuation. Especially for the automatic packaging machine assembly line thermostat, for values in the plus or minus 3 ℃ above the hvac thermostat control precision, thermal bag manufacturing materials shall be preferred stainless steel materials.

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