Thermostatic valve and installation introduction?

by:Edison      2020-09-06
Thermostatic valve consists of two parts, temperature controller and the body. When use, use to set the hvac thermostat spin to the required temperature. When indoor temperature more than set temperature, constant temperature controller in the temperature control heat expansion, the volume increase, promote the stem to make the valve down, reduce the radiator water flow, make the room temperature reaches the set temperature.

when indoor temperature is lower than the set temperature, temperature control packets due to shrinkage, reduced volume, reset spring back inside valve core stem to make the valve open, increases the radiator water flow, until the room temperature reached set value.

as a result, when the room has other auxiliary heat source ( The sun and other heating element) And room temperature is higher than the set temperature, the valve automatically turn down, heat sink into the water to reduce, will save the heating heat. Thermostatic valve core part is the controller of the sensor, the bulb. Distinguish between package location, according to the temperature controller with temperature bag inner and outside the bulb ( The remote type) Set in two forms, the temperature also has two forms; When the remote control, can according to the window display to set the required temperature control, and automatic control. Package inductive charging temperature medium, can sense the environment temperature, the temperature changes producing the impression volume change, drive the regulator valve core displacement, and then adjust the radiator through the water to change the heat radiator. Therefore, how to correct the environment temperature sensor, control the temperature, thermostatic valve installation is a big problem. According to the GB50411 'building energy conservation engineering construction quality acceptance standard' ( The 2007 edition and version of the forthcoming) Regulation, and radiator thermostatic valve should be installed, thermostatic valve controller should be installed. But in practical engineering, in many cases, the vertical vertical installation. Vertical installation, also can rise to control indoor temperature requirements. But the temperature controller can not correctly feel the temperature of the indoor environment, indoor environment temperature cannot reach people need. The following two pictures is to see the TV news, should be a government meeting place, the background of thermostatic radiator valves, is vertical installation, installation is not level. Why can't the thermostatic valve vertical installation, should be installed? When vertical install thermostatic valve, the valve body through the hot water cooling, drive the surrounding air flow upward and feel air temperature constant temperature controller is mostly from the body heat up, thermostatic valve head would mistakenly believe that the environment temperature is very high; In this case, the constant temperature controller temperature control heat expansion, the volume increase, promote the stem to make the valve down, flow decreases, and radiator heat release will be smaller. As a result, the indoor environment temperature is reduced, can not meet the people need comfort temperature, let a person feel thermostatic valve installation radiator heating effect is not good. So, some public buildings, installed with thermostatic valve of the radiator system, because worry is not hot. Have installed the air conditioning system of supplying hot air in winter can be. All the misunderstanding, because do not understand the thermostatic valve installation requirements. When mounted horizontally, the local environment temperature is the air temperature, constant temperature controller is corresponding to the indoor environment problem, reach a balance, can accurately control the indoor temperature, to suit the requirements of energy saving and comfortable. Therefore, GB50411 'building energy conservation engineering construction quality acceptance standard' regulation, the radiator thermostatic valve should be installed.
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