Thermostatic valve factory to introduce: pipeline valve installation section

by:Edison      2020-09-05
There are a lot of people want to know about the thermostatic valve pipe installation, today, thermostatic valve factory small make up of thermostatic valve pipe installation content were summarized as follows.

the valve before installation check

1. Carefully check check valve whether conform to the requirements of the drawings and specifications. (2) check whether the stem and disc opens flexible, presence of jam and askew phenomenon. (3) check valve is damaged, the thread of the valve is correct and complete. (4) check whether the combination of the seat and body, disc and seat, valve cover and valve body, valve stem and disc coupling. (5) check valve packing, packing and fasteners ( Bolt) Whether is suitable for the working medium properties. 6. The old, or put on hold for a long time of pressure reducing valve should be disassembled, dust, sand and other debris should be cleaned with water. All landowners to clear his block, check the sealing, the valve must be closed tightly. Valve pressure test for low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure valve strength test and leak test, the alloy steel valves for spectral analysis of the shell should also be individually, review the material. 1. Valve strength test of the strength test of the valve is in the condition of open valve test, the appearance of the leakage check valve. PN acuities were 32 mpa valve, the test pressure for the nominal pressure of 1. Five times, the test time is not less than 5 min, shell and packing gland without leakage for qualified. 2. The leak test of the valve under the valve fully closed test, check for leakage valve sealing surface, the test pressure, in addition to the butterfly valve, check valve, bottom valve, throttle valve, the general should be with the nominal pressure, when can determine the working pressure, also can use 1. 25 times working pressure test, qualified for valve sealing surface does not leak. Valve installed the general provisions of 1. The valve installation position should not interfere with the equipment, pipeline and the operation of the body itself, disassembling and maintenance, at the same time take into account the assembly of the beautiful shape. 2. Horizontal line on the valve, the valve stem up installation, installation or tilted a certain Angle, not the handwheel downward installation. Air pipe valves, valve stem and the handwheel can be installed horizontally, with vertical chain lower remote control valve opening and closing. 3. Arrangement is symmetrical, tidy and beautiful; Riser valve, on the premise of technology allows, the valve handwheel to chest-high optimum operating, general with 1 off the ground. 0 - 1. It is advisable to 2 m, and the valve stem must be installed along the operator. 4. Side by side on the vertical pipe valves, the centerline elevation, best and clear distance between the handwheel is not less than 100 mm; Side by side on the horizontal line of the valve should be staggered installation, to reduce the pipe spacing. 5. In water pump, heat exchanger equipment installed on the heavier the valve, should set the valve support; In the operating frequently and installed in the operating side. 1 again. The valve of more than 8 m, should set a fixed platform. 6. Arrow mark, arrow on valve body pointing in the direction to the flow of the medium. When installing the valve, make the medium flow arrow pointing in the direction and the pipe should be paid attention to the same. 7. Installing a flanged valves, should guarantee the two flange end face parallel to each other and concentric, double gasket shall be used. 8. Installing a threaded valve, to facilitate disassembly, a threaded valve should be with a live through. Articulated Settings should consider maintenance convenience, is usually a flow through valve before flowing through live through.

the valve installation note

1. The valve body material use cast iron production, brittle, it shall not be affected by heavy impact. 2. When transporting valves, are not allowed to casually throwing; Lifting, lifting the valve, the rope should wear on the body, do not tied to the handwheel, the valve stem and flange bolt hole. 3. Valves should be installed in the operating, maintenance, and repair the most convenient place, it is forbidden to buried in the ground. Directly buried and trench inside the valve in the pipeline, should establish inspection shaft chamber, so that the opening and closing of the valve and regulating. 4. Should guarantee the thread intact, and in the thread on the upper bound hemp, lead or ptfe teflon tape, turnbuckle, need to use hex wrench stuck twist into the pipe end the body. 5. Flange valve installation, pay attention to the screw down the connecting bolt along the diagonal direction, budge when the strength should be uniform, in order to prevent or cause deformation and damage of the valve body gasket wandering. 6. The valve should be kept closed when installation. To close against the wall of the screw thread valve is installed, often need to be lifted disc and stem the handwheel, turn to twist. When disassembling twisting to the wheel to keep the valve open, and then to remove. Commonly used the installation of the valve gate valve, globe valve, check valve installation of gate is also called ram, ram is used to control the opening and closing of the valve, the pipeline of pipeline by changing the cross section to adjust flow and opening and closing. Gate valves are used to more fluid to do full or full close operation of pipeline. Gate valve installation generally omnidirectional requirements, but can't flip.

stop valve disc is used to control the opening and closing of the valve. By changing the clearance between the disc and seat, that is, change the channel section to adjust the size of the medium flow or truncated pathways. Install valve must pay attention to the flow of fluid.

stop valve installation must comply with the principle that the flow in the pipeline is through the valve at the bottom of hole, commonly known as 'low into higher', cannot install. Check valve is also called the non-return valve, check valve, is a kind of valve under the action of pressure difference before and after automatic opening and closing of valve, its role is to make the medium flow in one direction, only do the medium reverse back and stop the flow.
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