Thermostatic valve factory to introduce: pipeline valve installed next

by:Edison      2020-09-09
Check valve according to its structure is different, have lift, swing and butterfly wafer. Lift check valve and horizontal and vertical. When install the check valve, also should pay attention to the flow of medium, can't put wrong. Pressure reducing valve is the installation of the pressure reducing valve by adjusting, reduced the inlet pressure to a needed discharge pressure, and to rely on the energy of the medium itself, make the valve outlet pressure automatic remained stable. From fluid mechanics point of view, pressure reducing valve is a throttling element, local resistance to change that by changing the throttling area, change the kinetic energy of the flow velocity and fluid, different pressure loss, so as to achieve the goal of decompression. And then rely on the adjustment of the control and regulation system, make the valve after pressure fluctuations and spring force equilibrium, the valve after pressure constant within a certain error range. The installation of pressure reducing valve 1. Vertical installation of pressure reducing valve group, generally set up a suitable height from the ground along the wall; Horizontal installation of pressure reducing valve group, generally installed on the permanent operation platform. 2. Application of steel respectively in the two control valves ( Used to stop valve) Inside the wall of the lateral load, a bracket, by-pass pipe card on the bracket, also find is leveling. 3. A pressure reducing valve should be installed in horizontal pipe runs upright, not tilt, the arrow should be on the body pointing in the direction of flow direction of medium, shall not be installed backwards. 4. Valve should be installed on both sides and the high and low pressure gauge, so that the pressure changes were observed before and after the valve. After the pressure reducing valve pipe diameter should be 2 # - than valve imported before the pipe diameter 3 #, and install bypass pipe for repair. 5. Equalizing pipes of diaphragm valve shall be connected to the low pressure pipeline. Low pressure pipeline, should set the relief valve, in order to guarantee the safe running of the system. 6. When used for steam decompression, to set up the drain pipe. The purification degree to demand higher pipeline system, set the filter in front of the pressure reducing valve. 7. Pressure reducing valve group after the installation, should according to the design requirements for pressure reducing valve, safety valve for pressure testing, flushing, and adjust, and adjust the logo. 8. Closed pressure reducer to to wash the relief valve, the inlet valve and open the flush valve to wash. The installation of the steam trap, trap is the basic role of the condensate from the steam system, air and carbon dioxide gas discharge as soon as possible; At the same time maximize the automatically to prevent leakage of steam. Steam traps many varieties, each have different performance.

according to the working principle of steam trap is different, can be turned into the following three types:

mechanical type: rely on steam trap with the changing of water level in the action, including: the ball float, float for a closed hollow sphere. Exposure to float upward: float for opening up the bucket. Exposure to downward float type: float down with the bucket. Hot static type: depend on the liquid temperature change and action, including: bimetallic strip: sensitive element for bimetallic strip. Steam pressure type: sensitive element for corrugated tube or cartridge, internal filling the volatile liquid. Thermodynamic model: depend on the change of the thermal dynamic properties of the liquid and action. Disc type: because be in the same pressure, liquid and gas flow rate, produced by the different dynamic, static pressure and driving disc valve action. Impulse type: due to the different temperature of the condensate through the poles string throttling orifice plate, will in different pressure between the polar orifice plate, drive disc movement. The installation of a drain valve 1. To set up the block valves (both before and after Globe valve) , trap and the former block valve should be set between the filter, in order to prevent dirt clogging of the condensate trap. 2. Between trap and the block valves shall be set to check, to check whether the drain valve work normally, such as open check tube lots of steam and then trap is broken, need to repair. 3. Set the by-pass pipe is in order to when it starts to discharge a lot of water, reduce the steam trap the displacement of the load. 4. When used to heat equipment of the condensate trap ruled out, should be installed at the bottom of the heat equipment, the condenser under vertical return access hydrophobic, in case of using hot water equipment. 5. Installation position should be close to the drainage points, if the distance is too far away, in front of the trap slender pipe will be stored up in the air or steam. 6. When in the level of main steam line is too long, should consider the hydrophobic. The installation of safety valve relief valve is open-close part under the action of external force in a normally closed state, when the equipment or piping within the medium pressure than specified value, through a discharge medium system to prevent the pipeline or equipment within the medium pressure in excess of the prescribed special valves.

the relief valve belong to automatic valve class, mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels and piping, control pressure shall not exceed the specified value, to protect personal safety and equipment operation plays an important role. Note the relief valve must pass through pressure test to use.

1。 Before installation should be carried out on product check carefully and verify whether there is a certificate of approval and the product specifications, in order to make clear the constant pressure of the factory. 2. The relief valve shall be arranged near the platform, as far as possible in order to check and repair. 3. The relief valve should be installed vertically, should make the medium flow from the bottom up, and want to check the verticality of the stem. 4. In general, the relief valve cannot set before and after the block valve, to ensure safe and reliable. 5. Pressure relief valve: when the medium is liquid, typically into a pipe or an airtight system; When the medium is gas, the general to the outdoor atmosphere; 6. Oil and gas medium can generally be exhaust air, the relief vent pipe exports should be higher than the highest structures around 3 m, but the following should be no one closed system, to ensure safety. 7. Population of pipe diameter, the minimum should be equal to the valve inlet pipe diameter; Discharge pipe diameter shall not be less than the valve outlet diameter, discharge pipe should lead to the outdoor, with bent pipe installation, the pipe exports toward safety. 8. Relief valve installation, when the relief valve and the equipment and pipeline connection for the opening, when welding the hole diameter should be the same as the nominal diameter of the relief valve.
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