Thermostatic valve function and principle is introduced

by:Edison      2020-09-06

thermostatic valve, as a new type of valve to replace the ordinary hot and cold tone JieShuiFa, solved the bathing because of the pressure change during the process of fast, fast temperature change caused by blows hot and cold water temperature and is difficult to adjust. When using only need to open the switch out of constant temperature water, adjust temperature, you just need to according to the label to adjust temperature control switch.

today, small make up thermostatic valve factory is a brief introduction for you.

the principle of the thermostatic valve

bath thermostatic valve

in the constant temperature water containing high sensitive memory alloy spiral temperature probe, probe temperature stretch or shrink itself directly control of hot and cold water inlet flow makes the water temperature reaches the set temperature (always 25 - 55) 。 Bath if appear in the process of hot and cold water single pipe without water, automatic water instantly, prevent scalds and catch a cold; Hot and cold water imports is equipped with one-way valve Settings prevent the mix of cold hot water and cold water back to the water heater solar water heater has caused water phenomenon.

thermostatic valve function characteristic

bath thermostatic valve features:

1. Easy installation, just plug in cold and hot water pipe, then bring up the constant temperature water automatically.

2。 The temperature is adjustable, is especially suitable for the elderly and children.

3。 Cold water or hot water when single tube water automatic water instantly, prevent burns, catch a cold.

4。 Cold and hot water pressure, water temperature changes, can automatically adjust the moment automation set temperature compensation always outflow water.

5。 Suddenly, string inside a check valve to prevent cold and hot bath water.

radiator thermostatic valve features:

1. Thermostatic valve hvac thermostat design small, delicate, soft flowing outside xing curve, set data show clear, links for a variety of thermostatic radiator valve body can be easily and accurately and effectively implement the radiator temperature control of the system.

2。 Thermostatic valve body design is exquisite, small resistance, valve flow force is strong, is suitable for the water heating system in our country, the level that can be used for single and double pipe system and traditional vertical series.

( 1) The body is made of forging process, which look gorgeous;

( 2) Design according to the fluid mechanics properties, excellent flow regulation performance;

( 3) With the joint of the radiator connected by hard seal, no leakage;

( 4) Special flow coefficient and the preset flow coefficient of the valve body, according to the customer request custom

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