Thermostatic valve must have the function of the easily

by:Edison      2020-09-06
At present, with the deepening of the heat metering reformation process, new buildings must be mandatory installation of radiator thermostatic valves are known. So, a good thermostatic valve ( Temperature control valve) Product is what kind of? Thermostatic valve manufacturer in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and industry standard requirements thermostatic valve must have the following functions: 1, air with hose pressure or replace the function of the valve core. 2, the KV value of thermostatic valve is presetting function. 3, vertical double pipe system thermostatic valve must be installed with the default resistance function, purpose is to more effectively and reasonably regulating the flow of heating and heat supply pipeline pressure, adjust the regional balance. These two requirements are issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development 'regulations of technology of heating metering ( JGJ173 - 2009). The mandatory technical requirements. 4, thermostatic valve is another important indicator of the heating valve leakage problem, where the valve has the possibility of a leak. Whether the valve has the function of preventing leakage, therefore, is to judge the thermostatic valve and a very important reference index.

heat metering reformation regulation is the premise, the means of measuring is, energy conservation is the goal. Indoor radiator regulator is user independent adjustment device, must transform installation, otherwise cannot achieve energy saving purpose. Therefore, no matter choose what scheme, without a good temperature control products, saving energy is equal to talk. Choose good thermostatic valve product to have the actual efficacy of save money. Save money here refers to is not a single product purchase cost savings, but to save the cost of heating.

new residence construction proposal chooses to thermostatic valves should possess the following basic functions: ( 1) No special tools can hose pressure air or replacement of valve core, use special tools can air hose pressure or replace the valve core. The difference between the two is bigger, avoid the use of special tools is very convenient, tool cabinet and widely available. Their operation can repair and replacement, and the special tool is a special tool, high price, not retail. ( 2) Leakage prevention function, let the consumer trust. ( 3) Vertical double pipe system must have the function of the default drag coefficient, in order to solve the hydraulic imbalance problem. Both ( Old) Residence building renovation Suggestions selected user control temperature control valve should have basic functions: ( 1) Working voltage is lower than 24 v products, there will be no leakage, electric shock, etc. ( 2) Abnormal valves when the power is in a normally open state, avoid heating system is affected, and to produce needless issue. ( 3) Work power to less than 1 watt, in thermal energy saving at the same time also save electric energy consumption. ( 4) Leakage prevention function, let users more at ease. ( 5) Take air hose pressure or replace the valve core, easy to maintenance. ( 6) Product failure automatically return after ( That maintain a normally open state) , also is the necessary condition to protect the normal operation of the heating system.
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