Three wire electric two-way valve is good how to connect to the thermostat?

by:Edison      2020-09-26

three wire electric two-way valve generally 2 lines to connect into the thermostat, electric two-way valve, fire into the thermostat, not even on the valve directly? ( Electric two-way valve is connected to the line number of the hvac thermostat a few root? ( Manufacturer that is on fire, signal lines, the zero line) , zero line need not into the thermostat, signal lines to the thermostat ( For proper control of hot and cold water) , but the line of fire ( The control of electric two-way valve line) Whether you need into the thermostat, said project construction personnel to enter the thermostat, I think is entered, but design unit said our electric two-way valve is a three line control, only a line thermostat, wire connected directly, if not into the thermostat, please specify when the temperature reaches set temperature, electric two-way valve to close)

if a Siemens electric valve, three lines, the zero line, the line of fire, signal lines, you can only connect a signal to the hvac thermostat, firewire zero line to connect power, should pay attention to must distinguish between zero line and the line of fire, can not meet the. Siemens VVI46. 20 / SUA21, connected to the zero line of fire after the valve is closed, the line was quite a firewire, when there are 220 v voltage signal, the valve is opened, there is no voltage, the valve closed. Answer the thermostat valve position is the output of 220 v power supply.

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