Understanding of the thermostatic valve safety measures

by:Edison      2020-09-08
Thermostatic valve adopts the new double protection device, regardless of any fault can ensure that the gas shutoff, adopts advanced stage ignition technology, effectively prevent ignition deflagration phenomenon. Digital microprocessor control gas proportional valve to adjust, according to the working condition demand of intelligent judgment, thermostatic valve temperature control in 6 ℃ ( 8kg/min) The following, save operating cost. Users only need to gently press the thermostatic valve adjusting button on the control panel, you can adjust the heating and bathing water temperature;

thermostatic valve according to the function is all ready, include burning work display, fan, water pump work, wash bath water temperature display, fault display, timing, antifreeze, system pressure.

thermostatic valve protection function: security issues have been affecting families, wall hanging furnace gas as a household products safety is also very important. Like European famous brand at present, the domestic large enterprises on the safety of the cb are pass, the security protection function is not the more the better, but some basic must not be less, such as: boot automatic diagnosis, leakage protection, water protection, automatic exhaust function, cleaning fan, wind pressure protection, electronic ignition induction, antifreeze protection for thermostatic valve warm system, water pump delay protection, preventing the pump bypass protection, water flow monitoring device, prevent dry and overtemperature protection, heating system overvoltage protection, flame-out protection, thermostatic valve temperature sensor failure protection and etc.
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