Used constant mix water valve characteristics

by:Edison      2020-09-09
Constant mix water valve manufacturers package of built-in type introduces temperature mix water valve internal temperature sensor unit, will be installed in the valve body heat medium mixed water segment, to mix water temperature sensor, and based on the mixed water temperature setting of the valve, stocks move to automatic scheduling of hot and cold water mixing proportion valve core, and then supply accurate temperature control. Constant mix water valve using thermal medium, greatly improve the using life and response speed. Stand straight isobaric no firm plan

is useful to deal with the valve on both ends of the cold and hot water demand on both ends of the differential pressure balance device to make the valve working pressure of doubt; Useful to deal with the cold and hot water pressure due to system instability and the formation of the water temperature and flow rate is not obvious question, high acceptable up to 8:1 pressure ratio of cold and hot bath water.

with constant temperature function make the mix water valve temperature setting form cold heat source temperature changes. The user can self scheduling mix water temperature set point, set by temperature sensitive can be reached and stabilized. Antiscale and resistance to wear and tear in the valve core part selects high purity silica gel, ptfe, PPS, such as excellent anti-scaling data using the extension service life. Strong security when the cold water supply but Russia is discontinuous and hot water temperature is higher than the set temperature, mix water valve can be sensitive to close hot water supply, and then prevent scalding bad: but when the hot water supply and intermittent, and cold water temperature is lower than the set temperature, mix water valve may be sensitive to shut down the cold water supply, and then affect the skin to prevent cold water. Once adjusted temperature can turn on the temperature control knob screw, to set the temperature knob card into the convex groove can be concluded that temperature.
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