Water temperature is not suitable can let a thermostatic valve failure?

by:Edison      2020-09-07
If the water temperature constant heating season, so you may find it difficult to use thermostatic valve to control the heat output of the radiator. For this reason, usually to adjust water temperature, for example, according to the change of outdoor temperature compensating regulation. Let's look at an example: suppose we're on the heating season maintain a constant water temperature at 80 ℃, the selection of the thermostatic valve is properly used at the same time, in the name of the opening ( Working condition of 80/60 ℃) When can provide the accurate design flow; And assumes that the outdoor design temperature for - 10℃。

thermostatic valve

when outdoor temperature in winter average temperature ( te = 5℃) About 4% of the traffic changes will make indoor temperature changes 2 k. So if you want to indoor temperature constant at + 0. 5 k, for water flow control accuracy to + / - 1%. Due to the load corresponding to the flow of 50% to 20%, the valve must be installed in the opening schedule for 0. The position of the 1 mm ( In the name of 0. 20% of the 5 mm) And accuracy to + / - 0. 005mm( 1% of the nominal schedule) ! Obviously this is impossible to achieve, thermostatic valve will not be able to find the stability of the opening. So, it will start an almost switch type working mode, make the room temperature swings up and down. When the valve is in open state, heat output will be much higher than a certain value, make the room temperature before the thermostatic valve response instantaneous higher room temperature. Indoor temperature imbalance that is why the thermostatic valve usually need and the centralized controller used in the system at the same time, the reason of the centralized controller used to control water temperature in order to realize the thermostatic valve control accuracy requirements. This is usually through a (or outdoor temperature sensor is located in the reference room Not installed thermostatic valve room) The temperature sensor, or both at the same time use. The role of the thermostatic valve are mainly to eliminate other factors, for each separate room to realize accurate temperature control. In brief, radiator heat not only by changing flow to control, and according to the overall requirements, there are the basic temperature control by adjusting the water supply.
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