What are characteristics of mix water valve of floor heating?

by:Edison      2020-09-10

what are characteristics of mix water valve of floor heating? 1, mix water valve manufacturer to prompt mix water valve installation of floor heating speed shielding mute circulating pump and automatic valves, no noise, no nuisance. 2, automatic temperature setting, without manual adjustment mix water valve gear with automatic stop, low double overheating protection function, easy to use, without human control.

3, continuity of constant temperature water supply can reduce coil impurities of sedimentary and gas gathering, eliminate the hidden trouble of the pipeline gas resistance and plugging, prolong the service life of floor heating. 4, according to family member's habits and customs, mix water valve which can realize the rooms at different times can set different temperature, the lower temperature or automatically shut down, save up to 30% of the energy consumption. ( On this warm mix water valve material man rhett, welcome the communication and discussion. )

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