What are the advantages of wall-mounted boiler thermostat? What are the use of wall-mounted boiler thermostat myth?

by:Edison      2020-08-20

what are the advantages of wall-mounted boiler thermostat? What are the use of wall-mounted boiler thermostat myth?

it is well known that cb is a very good heating equipment. So what are the advantages of wall-mounted boiler hvac thermostat? What are the use of wall-mounted boiler thermostat myth? Next, let's and party & middot; Edge xiao know together!

hanging furnace installation advantages and pitfalls of the thermostat

the advantages of wall-mounted boiler thermostat

1. Save money

the thermostat can be precisely controlled room temperature, set at room temperature and at different times, the operation of the automatic control system. It does not need to burn gas heating, day and night can save about 30% of natural gas, and a heating period in recycling costs. For example, for a 100 ㎡ residential, each heating season of cooking, bathing and heating cost up to 2400 yuan. Cooking and take a shower of 360 yuan, 2040 yuan, the heating of 612 yuan, save 30%. So, the cost of the furnace can be back in ten years, the cost of thermostat can be back in a year. Therefore, it is necessary to install a temperature controller.

2。 Comfortable

every day in the morning, during the day, evening and night, the temperature is automatically controlled, avoided to come home from work in the morning and waiting room after warming the embarrassment of cooling, shows the quality of life, fashion and enjoyment.

3。 Convenient

the operation more simple and clear, room temperature can adjust directly, wall hanging furnace operation can set temperature automatic control of each time period, by eliminating the manual operation, it is necessary for working families. If the room temperature is too low, cb can be started automatically, with very few gas can be achieved the antifreezing protection of the room.

hanging furnace temperature controller using error

1. When wall-mounted boiler immediately open not energy-saving.

no wall-mounted boiler thermostat users typically when use can use: that is, when they need to heating, they will switch to the heating mode begins heating, when they go to work, they will switch to summer mode wall-mounted boiler. They think it will save power ( Natural gas) , but it will not save energy, but will consume more energy.

2。 Set the higher the temperature, the faster the temperature rise is not necessarily

in cb some users find indoor temperature is low, if you want to rapid heating up, it's wrong to put the thermostat at the highest. Users often complain that I set in the indoor temperature of 35 degrees, but after a few hours only 17 degrees. First of all, winter heating floor are not up to 35 degrees. Second, when you set to 35 degrees, the heating rate is the same as the setting 20 degrees. The heating rate is associated with the room type and heat insulation of cb.

3。 The effect of different temperature control

many users according to their own needs at room temperature to set the temperature of the thermostat, but after the set temperature cannot reach set heating effect. First of all, the use of temperature controller or set is not correct, because there are different types of temperature control, such as room temperature, ground temperature, two temperature and temperature, can choose a different model. Sometimes heating floor surface temperature is set too low, the ground temperature will soon be reached, but the temperature of the room had not reached the set temperature, so there will be someone there to say floor heating is not hot. Others think that set up the same temperature every room is different, this is related to the location of the room thermostat. If the thermostat is placed on a heat dissipating capacity big place such as door, window, outside wall, while the temperature of the thermostat display is not high, but the indoor temperature is very warm, so it's best to set temperature according to their own needs.

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