What are the precautions for central air conditioner thermostat used do you understand?

by:Edison      2020-08-21

what are the precautions for central air conditioner thermostat used do you understand?

a, what is the thermostat:

temperature controller is for air conditioning shoulder calibrate system between the main switch device. Central air-conditioning temperature controller is designed for

control the development and design of fan coil widely used Yu Lijia) Cold) Ventilation of etc system. Fan speed

adjustable speed control by manual control into the white school phase move god lost to the system with the purpose of use the

is divided into two kinds, one kind is mechanical, is a kind of liquid product, are now using fluid

the number of points of it, is

is equipped with a remote control, can realize remote control operation, the temperature is used is not open and close the empty tao is mainly used to control the

system and its function of electromagnetic fan have zero adjust air temperature humidity drought degree of velocity of bottom clean for timing

2, central air thermostat note

1, connection must be according ま right, not too will cement

magazines such as mixed with wet

controller, otherwise would be a bad thing that

2, thermostat output control power is related to the use of safe, stable, if improper selection may cause serious after

fruit. products are marked with output control voltage and current, multiplication, and control the output voltage and current can

get the output control power. The operation of the controlled equipment power must be smaller than the output of the thermostat control power. Otherwise,

will damage the thermostat, serious will cause fire!

3, temperature controller installed in the shang * have the free flow of air and temperature stability. To avoid the leakage point

device installed in direct sunlight place, when indoor when decorate, do not install the thermostat to

4, some brands of central air-conditioning hvac thermostat support multiple voltage input ShiKong, to keep the input voltage and allow to lose

into the voltage consistent. And one more thing is to be mentioned, the foot or the thermostat does not support direct current on and off, or

can on and off of the dc voltage, the smaller the when buying the thermostat to business consulting clear, with rabbit caused not

the necessary trouble.

3, central air-conditioning thermostat works

the working principle of central air conditioner thermostat actually didn't we imagination of so complex ・ said to probe its buy


is a kind of happy to be able to install the empty ChengJinXing kinds of electronic switch are set in the department of building a device to

temperature control Fan Guo at 18 ℃ to 28 degrees perturbation people with, the working principle is through the force of the principle of

to adjust and control, through the pressure to push the control surface switched to rice cultivation work

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