What is a touch thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-29

touch hvac thermostat thermostat is a touch screen buttons, compared with the traditional temperature controller and touch screen thermostat is more fashion and easy, also solved the traditional mechanical key hvac thermostat easy damage problem, is a relatively high-end thermostat touch screen.

the thermostat is integrated and programmer and software realization of intelligent temperature control switch, can freely adjust the indoor temperature, and can be set according to the requirements of customers of various periods of switches and various run automatically adjust the room temperature programmed mode; To achieve a comfortable temperature. Truly achieve convenient, energy saving, comfortable warm ideal living environment. Apply to the central air conditioning, the single household heating, floor heating, and various kinds of fuel, gas boiler ( Cb) The use of the equipment, is the ideal temperature control products and energy saving products.

with the upgrade and update of product, key type changed to touch the general model. Touch switch according to the principle of classification with resistive touch switch and capacitive touch switch, in a variety of technologies, capacitive touch sensing technology has become the mainstream of touch sensing technology, on the thermostat products, bring the product to the appearance of the whole class is key to ascend.

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