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What is China's suppliers doing in the Sino US trade war

What is China's suppliers doing in the Sino US trade war


What is China's suppliers doing in the Sino US trade war?

The Sino-US trade war is going. Trump enhances the tariff increase of 25% on USD200 billion in China exports to US so that the export of large quantities of Chinese manufactured goods to the United States is in hot water. It is imaged that many American importers are actively seeking other manufacturers to replace China. Will Chinese manufacturing really lose competitiveness?

What are these manufacturers doing?

They are doing to active now:

1) Responding to the call of the government, actively transforming and upgrading, or investing in R&D, positive innovation, enhancing the competitiveness of core technologies to develop self-owned brand, or standardizing operations, reducing costs, optimizing production lines, efficient quality control, good corporate culture to attractive talent, improving customer service. For example, training staffs to be truly understand customers’ needs, constantly improve their professional knowledge of products so that they can communicate with customers more easily and serve customers better, thus enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

2) Expanding markets of "one belt and one road", investing more in various exhibitions and in-depth market research, and develop new products.

3) Actively seeking industry cooperation resources, integrating advantages of industry to be achieved cooperation optimization, especially IOT, smart home and AI. Big companies are more superior to integrate and upgrade by strategic of mergers and acquisitions. Subsidiaries can rely on the usage of parent company resources to develop their own technological capabilities, improve product quality, and to be more competitive like Edison as a subsidiary to rely on the solid technology and the production capability of Seagull Group in casting of copper alloys, forging, machining, plating, electronics & communication and other fields, meanwhile Quality management system and cost control training etc… Edison’s sales are still keeping growth even if the trade war happen. More and more top brand companies prefer to enjoy their OEM/ODM manufacturing service providing.

4) More manufacturers are looking farther and trying to deploy globalization strategy. They believe that they will have to compete by upgrading their technology and innovation capabilities. They know to be the best global valuable manufacturing service provider in their filed is so extremely important.

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