What is process of central air conditioner thermostat

by:Edison      2020-09-23

central air conditioner hvac thermostat test indoor temperature of high temperature and arrangement of high analysis, operation of the fan coil exhaust fan and electric water valve, to improve the indoor temperature is high, comfortable and energy saving. Suitable for use in two pipe/lines to the jurisdiction of the four, two/three pulse valve, three-speed fan coil operation. Hold road RS485 network interface, FC270C hold only) To access to the building automation system operation. Popularity as the top shopping malls, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, ancient dwellings, etc.

electric water heater degree of central air conditioner thermostat made of copper metal contact, because copper particularly sensitive to heat from the cold in the days of high temperature have standardized values of copper metal is curved shape, now it is closed on contact. Water when the water is heated to high standardized temperature energy of transmission to the central air conditioner thermostat in copper copper because heat unbend above will contact bounce off into power. In the days of high temperature drop of copper and restore to the original form to contact on into electrical heating form. 。

central air conditioner thermostat, it is the same with external goods belong to the bimetallic strip of new central air conditioner thermostat. Central air conditioner thermostat for the first time use is for the electric heating product too hot hot spells, basic and thermal fuse in use. Central air conditioner thermostat is used as the primary service, thermal fuse in central air conditioner thermostat failure when used as a secondary service, both powerful joint venture, immune to burn out electric parts and thus triggered flooding accident.

central air conditioner thermostat will start with the power cord, sensing line and smoke exhaust fan, central air-conditioning thermostat coupled electric survey: if appeared high overall symmetry three-phase temperature, no trouble alarm a overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator, with the hand to press a panel or active button manually, if the smoke exhaust fan light is lit, the smoke exhaust fan fluctuations should be manually or active buttons to push, exhaust fan indicator, the smoke exhaust fan should interrupt operation, overall central air conditioner thermostat homework ordinary respectively.

Anyone who has seen the latest hvac expansion valve ac thermostat in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the past few years.
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