What is the characteristics of the fan coil temperature controller

by:Edison      2020-08-21
Social economy and the development of science and technology has brought great convenience to our life. Nowadays, all kinds of high-tech products are widely used in people's life and production, to our life and production brought great help. In your industry or family life and what did you learn about using the product? Now, I want to introduce some knowledge about the fan coil temperature controller. Energy saving: fan coil thermostat is suitable for industrial, commercial, household and so on room temperature control. Temperature controller is divided into mechanical temperature controller and electronic temperature controller. By comparing the indoor temperature and set temperature, control at the end of the fan coil air conditioning system and electric valve or electric valve. To adjust indoor temperature, improve the environmental comfort, the purpose of saving energy. High precision: through high precision temperature sensing device control, air conditioning heat and cold air valve and fan, timely detection of the real-time temperature of the room, and in a timely manner and setting temperature. The room temperature is constant within a comfortable temperature. Through the national quality certification, in line with the national electrical safety standard, the product passed the CE certification. A, human nature: suitable for industrial, commercial, family room, indoor temperature control. You can also according to the specific requirements of our clients special performance of the hvac thermostat. Easy to understand. Points four hours every day temperature control opening and closing, let your life more regularly. Blue backlight make products more human and feminine. Any electric valve is suitable for the market. Thermostatic equipment load ability and 24 hour clock function. Second, connect the power supply control circuit, and install it into 86 mm cartridge. Third, swung, the cable inserted into a slot in the control panel. Part four, the panel and the power button gently together, pay attention to the card slot machines must be installed. Five, the whole machine commissioning has been completed, with the hand gently off glass protective film machine, and then to complete. The difference between mechanical thermostat and LCD thermostat and advantages. LCD thermostat in the market now largely replaced mechanical hvac thermostat. Because the LCD thermostat can show indoor temperature and set temperature, clear. Set temperature can be arbitrarily set the required temperature. When indoor temperature reaches set temperature, the fan will automatically shut down, save electricity, therefore LCD hvac thermostat is a kind of more intelligent thermostat. Now most of the hotels, hotels, hospitals and other large places using LCD thermostat, it also respond to the demands of promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction. The introduction in version can help you learn some knowledge of the fan coil thermostat. In this era of rapid development, accelerating pace of people's life and production. Relative knowledge of fan coil temperature controller is very necessary, this is very important to our life, and help us to choose and use the fan coil temperature controller of related products.
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